TCM – Concentrated Coconut Oil

TCM – Concentrated Coconut Oil


TCM – Medium Chain Triglycerides, concentrated coconut oil, rich in caprylic and capric fatty acids. Source of good fat, extracted from coconut, quickly absorbed by the body.
Thermogenic, suitable for those who need quick, targeted energy on a ketogenic diet and want to burn abdominal fat. Helps with muscle gain.
No smell or taste, right dosage for daily use.

Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving
% VD*

(*) % Valores diários de referência com base em uma dieta de 2.000kcal ou 8.400kJ. Seus valores diários podem ser maiores ou menores dependendo de suas necessidades energéticas.
(**) % Valores diários de referência não estabelecidos.



Shelf Life

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