Pioneer and national reference in the production of Extravirgem Coconut Oil, we have been operating for 22 years in Maceió, Alagoas. With 400 employees, we specialize in dry coconut processing and we receive raw materials from the Northeast's main suppliers, which together with our high-tech laboratory allows us to maintain the pioneer character and deliver to the end consumer the most diverse products derived from the coconut.

But above all, sustainability is a watchword at Copra. Thus, we are concerned with offering products that are not only of quality but that generate positive social, economic and environmental impacts on society. Our company works with vegan products, recycling and sponsorship to external actions, such as our partner Instituto Biota.

This dedication and concern of Copra with sustainability earned the company recognition for its work. In 2011 won the SESI award for technological innovation in Alagoas and was among the first three in Brazil in the category with Extravirgem Coconut Oil. In 2012 we won the SESI award for technological innovation in Alagoas, this time with Coco Flour. Not to mention the many BakerTop awards, created by the 2000 Bakery Magazine and considered the Bakery Oscar.

Selo Proteste

We are PROTESTE! Copra Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was elected the best in Brazil by Proteste. The seal attests that the product is of good quality, thus, the consumer makes the right choice at the time of purchase. Copra Coconut Oil, 100% pure and natural.

Selo FSC

FSSC 22,000 The certification is a global recognition based on the food safety management system, which attests to the industry's commitment to ensuring the excellence of the products that arrive at your home, with processes that meet the demands of customers and consumers, showing that Copra is able to provide a safe food for those who consume it.

Selo FSC

Copra achieved the SMETA qualification and the SEDEX Seal, highlighting our commitment to good practices in Labor Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Ethics.

Sistema de Gestão Copra (SGC)

A COPRA, com atuação no ramo de fabricação e distribuição de produtos alimentícios, através da Política do Sistema de Gestão Copra (SGC) reafirma seus compromissos de garantir a qualidade e a segurança dos produtos entregues a seus consumidores, obedecendo às legislações vigentes e as exigências dos clientes, estabelecendo comunicação bilateral entre as partes interessadas do negócio, mantendo-as atualizadas das alterações de processos e produtos, fornecendo recursos necessários para capacitação do seu time de colaboradores e terceiros parceiros, bem como para modificações estruturais e de processo, prezando pela melhoria contínua do SGC.

Além disso, temos o compromisso de promover saúde a nossos colaboradores e prevenir acidentes, assim como minimizar impactos ambientais, atendendo a requisitos legais e da própria organização.


Provide flavor, pleasure and well-being, through products derived or not from coconut, with respect to the environment and its entire chain of action.


Copra is the largest company of coconut products aimed at healthy eating, acting in other product categories and segments, with leading brands, cultivating transparent relationships, focusing on the satisfaction of its consumers and customers, respecting the environment and the environment and its entire chain of action.



Copra is the name given to dried coconut pulp,
from which coconut oil is extracted.

On the way to sustainability

Based on the three main axis that govern the practice of sustainability, the environmental, the social and the economic, Copra increasingly develops partnerships and tools that expand the concept of sustainability in its production processes and in the relationship with the local community, suppliers, employees, customers and consumers.


Although Copra is a pioneer in several products throughout Brazil, we strive to continue to ensure market competitiveness by keeping our prices in line with national values, strengthening the economy with only one focus: offering quality products to our consumer.


We know that being sustainable goes far beyond contributing to NGOs and philanthropic entities. Therefore, our work begins within our company, where we offer employees stability, possibilities for professional growth and a healthy work environment.


Copra is concerned with generating positive environmental impacts on society. We are concerned here from the origin of our raw material to the disposal of our packaging, with the development of products that express sustainable values and practices. All this to generate actions that start in our company and reach the final consumer.

Together for marine life

Copra is a nature-friendly company, so we are partners with the Biota Institute, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that promotes the preservation of marine fauna with the conservation of aquatic mammals and turtles in Alagoas. Consolidated since 2015, the partnership has been effective over the years in the development of actions carried out by the Institute, such as investment in research, rescue actions, emergency assistance to marine animals and incentives for environmental education, such as the Biota-Mar Project. This support gave Copra the Biota seal, a certification of our commitment to the environment.

We are Copra Alimentos and we want a better world!


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