PET Supplement Coconut Oil

PET Supplement Coconut Oil

The new Pet Copra Coconut Oil is a natural food supplement for dogs and cats. With the same characteristics and nutritional properties as traditional coconut oil, Pet Coconut Oil can be consumed orally or added to the animal’s diet under the guidance of the veterinarian.

Nutritional Facts


Amount per serving
% VD*
Caproic Acid - C6:0 0 7654
Caprylic Acid - C8:0 50301 109349
Capric Acid - C10:0 54675 87479
Lauric Acid - C12:0 493166 581739
Miristic Acid - C14:0 183707 229634
Palmitic Acid - C16:0 82012 111536
Stearic Acid - C18:0 21870 43740
Oleic Acid - C18:1 54675 109349
Linoleic Acid - C18:2 10935 27337
Linolenic Acid - C18:3 0 2187
Araquic Acid - C20:0 0 2187
Gadoleic Acid - C20:1 0 2187


Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera L.)


Best store your oil by keeping it in a dry place, protected from light and away from any heat source.

Shelf Life

Expiration of 24 months after manufacturing in ideal conditions. Once opened, use within 45 days.

Important Tip

Coconut oil solidifies at temperatures below 25ºC, to return to normal just a "Water Bath".


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